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Fiber Optic Cables and products

Fiber Attenuators

Fiber Attenuators

E2000 Fiber Cables E2000 Fiber Cables

E2000 Cables

MU Fiber CablesMU Fiber Cables

MU Fiber Cables

BICONIC Cable assembliesBICONIC Cable assemblies

Hard to get BICONIC

PC products Fiber Optic and Copper products

PEN-Flash memory drivesUSB Pen Drives

PEN-USB Version 2  Flash memory drives

Fiber Optic SwitchesFiber Optic Switches

Fiber Optic Converters

LAN Test SMART  Cable TesterLAN Test SMART  Cable Tester

LAN Test SMART T3038

PC networking Installation KitPC networking Installation Kit

       SOON to come Custom Tool Kits

Copper Cables

POZI Lock  DSL /CLEC Cable AssemblyPOZI Lock  DSL /CLEC Cable Assembly

POZI-Lock Cables

DSL/CLEG and 75ohm Cables and harnessesDSL/CLEG and 75ohm Cables and harnesses

DSL/DSX and 75ohm Cables and harnesses

Mini WECO Cable AssembliesMini WECO Cable Assemblies

Mini WECO Cable Assemblies

We manufacture custom RF OEM cables.  Please call 1-888 608 5180

We manufacture custom cables.  Just call

1-888 608 5180

Call us toll free on 1-888 608-5180 if you have any questions.

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