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Tactical FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) Cables

Tactical FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) Cables

The PRO-LINK new FTTA Hybrid Patchcord, combined with copper wire and optical fiber in an unicable, which supports power and data transmission at the same time. It’s  waterproof and flame resistant. It also meets IEC 60332-1 and RoHS. Allow 1-2 weeks to manufacture.  Call us on 1-888 608-5180 or Email us sales@pro-link.biz

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord
FTTA hybrid patchcord
FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Wild range of operating temperature.

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Hybrid cable construction, makes more efficiency and high quality operation.

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Three cladding fully protect the fiber.

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Mesh cover and pulling-eye addition, more convenient and protective.

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Armored Hybrid Cables (Fiber and Power Conductors)

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Indoor Jumpers, Patch Cords, and Breakout Cables

FTTA Hybrid Patchcord

 Customs on request

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