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CISCO Cables

PRO-LINK 1.0 Meter Cisco Compatible CAB-STK-E-1M FlexStack / Blade Switch Cable.These Cisco Compatible FlexStack Plus cables can easily intermix with existing Cisco switches, and are the value choice of data centers and corporations alike. All units are quality tested on Cisco 2960-X series switches. if you have any questions, please call 1-888 608-5180

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Speeds up to 40 Gbps on Cisco Catalyst 2960-X and 2960-XR using C2960X-STACK FlexStack Plus module

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Speeds up to 20 Gbps on Dell PowerEdge M1000e using Blade Switch 3130G or 3130X for Dell

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Speeds up to 20 Gbps on Dell CBS3130X-S and CBS3130G-S using Blade Switch 3130 for Dell

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Speeds up to 20 Gbps on Cisco Catalyst 2960-S using C2960S-STACK FlexStack Module

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Single configuration of stacked switches

CAB-STK-E-1M Cables

 Lower competitive pricing

Our part: C7087 $84.20

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